At Clue X we help individuals and businesses perform at their best so they can achieve the results they desire by changing their thinking, state of mind and behaviours.


Utilising innovative models of thinking and behaviour Clue X help our clients maximise their performance, gain a competitive advantage and deliver incredible yet consistent results. This is achieved through training, coaching and modeling exellence (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP). When an individual or a company operates utilising these superior patterns, superior results are the outcome.

At Clue X the attitude we embody when working with our clients in creating their desired results is ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. We operate according to the idea “anything is possible and can be done”.

Our trainers and coaches represent the finest quality in the world, as do the models of excellence which we have developed, researched and designed.

In short, Clue X are an excellent company who do excellent things for people!

At Clue X, we help individuals and businesses perform at their best to achieve the results they desire.


We are business and life coaches based in Melbourne who specialise in:

  • The modeling of excellence (NLP)
  • Identifying how individuals and businesses achieve outstanding results
  • The transfer of key skills and information
  • Maximising performance and effectiveness, including high performance states and state management
  • Making changes in thinkIng and behaviour
  • NLP training and workshops
  • Personal development and advanced life coaching
  • Business coaching, consulting and training


Jarett Lefers

Jarett Lefers is a NLP Trainer  who specializes in executive and corporate coaching, life coaching and therapy. With over 20 years of experience in NLP Jarett is one of Australia’s premiere trainers.

Apart from his experience in NLP, Jarett has a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University where he majored in Genetics and Biochemistry, is a qualified fitness instructor and has a degree in Small Business Management.

  • NLP Trainer
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Degree Small Business Management
Jarett’s personal attitude is “anything is possible and can be done” and it is with this approach that he helps people in any context access their unconscious resources to achieve the results they desire. He works with people in the corporate sector, athletes, musicians, those who want improvement or change in aspects of their lives, as well as people who seek resolution of problems, phobias and therapeutic outcomes.

“I really enjoy helping people discover their own values, outcomes/goals and definitions of success rather than following someone else’s ideas. It is with this knowledge that they can experience the results they want in their chosen contexts”.


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