States For Success is a 5 day NLP Training from the exciting new field of endeavour NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), presenting the most advanced patterns to date in the contexts of communication and influence, human performance and state management.  It is a practical program on how to maximise your performance and your results.

We have all been in states where our actions flow smoothly…

Perhaps you can remember times when you were in a high performance or flow state in certain situations and had access to your resources? What were those times when you were ‘on fire’ or ‘on a roll’ and you were performing brilliantly? It is possible to remember times when you felt in a resourceful state and everything just worked. Those times when pretty much everything you did went right and you could do no ‘wrong’ (and didn’t mind if you did). You were in a high performance state.

States For Success is a training that can help you to get the best out of yourself and others.

We have also been in states where we feel unresourceful and don’t seem to have access to our abilities. Those times when you can’t think of a useful thing to say (or anything!). Occasionally we have times where nothing we do seems to work and we are in a stuck state; those times when things don’t flow smoothly.

Success is state dependent. Your state of mind determines your behaviours and your behaviours determine your results. The leverage point with the most with the most influence on your results in business, personal and performance contexts is your state and the state of people around you.
  • What if you could experience high performance states more often in your life and whenever you wanted them?
  • How would the ability to improve your state management change the results you achieve in meetings and negotiations?
  •  What would be the positive consequences of being able to motivate yourself and people around you more often?
  • How would your personal relationships be transformed if you were better able to manage your state and the state of people?
  • How would being in a better mood more often create more positive consequences throughout all aspects of your life?

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In business a high performance state translates into profit.  In sport, it is the difference between a player being able to access their best ability or not, and therefore a win or loss respectively.   For performers such as singers, actors and dancers, it could be the difference between getting the role or missing out. In our personal lives our state of mind directly shapes the way we experience our relationships and perhaps even whether we are going to approach someone to begin with!

Of course there are real consequences for these states. They can lead to achieving less than we are able to, perhaps a damaged relationship and lack of efficiency at work or in your business. On an international scale unresourceful states can mean the loss of a major sporting event as the player ‘chokes’ at the critical moment in the competition.

Often in business the proliferation of unresourceful or unproductive states for owners and employees leads to a loss of income. It could also mean that actions which could have lead to major increases in profits were simply never taken.

The positive consequences of being able to influence state of mind/body are profound.

Something to think about…

How can you get out of unresourceful states like frustration depression, anxiety or nervousness, self consciousness and uncertainty and into more resourceful states?

How can you create and experience more resourceful states like being in the flow, certainty, confidence, passion, enthusiasm, peace, excitement, happiness, relaxation, motivation or another state you want?

How phenomenal would it be to be able to manage or change states more quickly and develop resourceful states?

Your ability to develop resourceful states is key to your success and experience in any context.


Our state of mind is also responsible for the decisions we make.

Of course there are states in which we make intelligent decisions that benefit us for the rest of our lives. There are those times when you thought something through and made a great choice. A decision which would benefit yourself and others in many different ways for the future. When you consider the idea that life is a series of small decisions, the state of making intelligent decisions is of utmost importance for success in our endeavors.

There are those states of being ‘on a roll’ or in high performance states, times of confidence, joy, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, passion and motivation which are enjoyable in and of themselves and also have profound positive effects and consequences.

Through this 5 day States For Success NLP training, you will learn how to create the states you want so you can succeed and enjoy yourself in the process.

It is a practical training which teaches the skills of influencing your own state and the states of other people so you can take control of your results in those important contexts of your business, personal and performance life.

Learn to influence your state and/or the state of people around and create the results you want. Failure to manage your own state or the state of other people leaves results up to chance, or actively produces those things you don’t want.

At the States for Success training you can learn…

  • The ability to influence your state of mind so that you can achieve the results you want
  • How to change your state from unresourceful to resourceful
  • How to influence the states of other people & become more charismatic
  • The ability to build better relationships
  • How to increase the productivity of people around you
  • How to create feelings you want including confidence, joy, motivation & creativity
  • How to get in ‘the flow’ or ‘in the zone’ where & when you want
  • How to be more efficient & productive
  • How to be your best more often
  • The ability to be more creative
  • How to be more motivated
  • How to help motivate others through your words, language patterns and behaviours
  • Learn the power of non-verbal communication
  • High performance & state management in high stress contexts including negotiation, auditions or performance

Learn to change your state and you can change your results.




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